Ropley Parish Hall, Ropley, Hants SO24 0DT

07510 684055

Ropley Preschool

At Ropley Preschool, we aim to provide a programme of learning, that;

  • encourages and supports the continuing development and education for children under statutory school age within a community based environment
  • provides a safe, secure and stimulating environment where children can grow in confidence and self-reliance
  • maximises each child’s potential by learning through play, socialising with others and preparing them for the important transition between preschool and school

Open-ended play is at the centre of our approach, being important for developing both intelligence and social skills in children. Activities are changed daily, in accordance with seasonal influences and to meet the individual needs of each child's learning development.

Some examples include; creative play, physical play, fantasy play, manipulative play, play with elements of numeracy and literacy

A typical session

  • Welcome
  • Free play
  • Circle time
  • Outside play
  • Snack time
  • Free play
  • Home time or Lunch Club for children staying
  • Story Time
  • Home time