Ropley Parish Hall, Ropley, Hants SO24 0DT

07510 684055

Ropley Preschool

Parish Hall

Sessions are based at Ropley's recently refurbished Parish Hall.


The large, light main hall offers an inviting space for the children and regularly includes:

  • a book corner
  • kitchen for cooking and preparing snacks
  • art tables
  • sand and water play areas
  • side room for extra structured activities

Activities are changed daily to reflect the children's changing interests and developmental needs, as well as seasonal influences. 

Village Green

The Parish Hall is directly adjacent to the Village Green, which includes Tennis Courts and an Adventure Playground. The top car park can be securely sectioned off to provide a large area for bike play and chalk drawing, for example. 



Each day the children spend a substantial part of the session outside, mainly on the Village Green.

The village itself also provides a wonderful setting for nature walks and local outings, including visits to the church, to the shop and to the local school.