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Ropley Preschool

Here we share some of our parent and wider community comments and testimonials:


"Ropley Preschool is an excellent provider and closely linked to the local Primary. The Preschool staff and Reception Year teachers have a very good relationship and ensure a smooth transition into Reception for all the children - so much so that our daughter ran straight to her classroom, eager to start on her first day of school."

Sallie, Niamh's Mum (May 2018)


"I am thrilled at how quickly my son settled in. The staff are all so lovely and seem genuinely interested in my son, which really makes me happy to leave him in their care.  There are such a wide range of activities including additional classes in tennis and dancing and they play outside every day, whatever the weather! Somehow they really do manage to learn a lot through play - my son quickly learnt to recognise his name, his counting skills have really improved, and he has started talking about the days of the week too. I am so happy that I chose Ropley Preschool, he just has such a great time here and I feel he is really benefiting from it."
Alex, Johnny's Mum (October 2016)



"The children we received from Ropley Preschool this year have formed good friendships.  They display good Personal, Emotional and Social development.  They have been clearly guided in their negotiation skills and social interactions.  Physical development is becoming a national concern, however the children from Ropley have come to us with strong core strength and gross motor skills.  Many also displaying good development and control in their fine motor development."

Mrs Mitchell, Year R teacher at Ropley Primary School (Dec 2016)


"I am really pleased that I chose Ropley Preschool for my daughter. I think it is a fantastic grounding for school. I love that it is really balanced i it's approach, in that she is encouraged and given as many opportunities to develop her physical and creative skills as she is her literacy and numeracy and all in such an imaginative way, that is so much fun for her. I can see she is already developing a real love of learning and her confidence has grown immensely."

Emma, Sylvie's Mum (June 2016)