Ropley Parish Hall, Ropley, Hants SO24 0DT

07510 684055

Ropley Preschool

Ropley Pre-School is a community based setting and a member of the Pre-School Learning Alliance.

We recognise our parents as partners and the first and most important educators of their children.

Parents are encouraged to take part in the setting in a number of ways such as:

  • Sharing knowledge and ideas about their children’s needs and interests
  • Helping during sessions
  • Sharing an interest or special hobby with the children
  • Reading the group a story
  • Attending a workshops or training when available
  • Taking part in our fund- raising events
  • Being part of the Committee
  • Building friendships with other families within the setting

Please speak to a member of staff if you would like to help out during a session time or in any other way.

Learning Journeys

Learning Journeys are available for parents to view at Preschool so please do not hesitate to ask your Key Person if you would like to view your child's journal, or discuss any aspect of their development.

Keyworker Week 

Each term parents/carers have the opportunity to book a face to face appointment with their child's Key Person to review what they have been doing, discuss any concerns or particular areas that their child may need focus on at Preschool and to see what has been added to their Learning Journey.

Snack Rota

Each term parents will be allocated 2 sessions on the snack rota to provide snack.

Examples of snacks are bananas and apples, vegetable sticks with dips, yoghurt and raisins, cheese and vegetable sticks, strawberries and grapes. 

Healthy Lunchbox Tips

  •  include a good helping of fruit and vegetables
  • include some starchy food - like bread, rice or pasta
  • choose some lean protein - tuna, salmon, boiled eggs, beans, chicken or turkey
  • go for some dairy foods such as cheese, yoghurt or milk
  • add in a drink - water, fruit juice or milk
  • try and make it fun with colourful sandwich bags decorated with stickers or funny faces drawn on fruit that can be peeled
  • try and involve your child when deciding what goes into their lunch
  • make fruit and veg easy to eat by cutting them into chunks or sticks

Appropriate Clothing

Children do and will get messy! This is something we actively encourage to explore the world around us.

We provide aprons and you can also purchase Ropley Preschool t-shirts and jumpers.

Wellies and Coats

All children should bring wellies and a warm coat to Preschool as we do go outside in all weathers. If you have wet weather trousers, please provide these as well.